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Casa Mediodía Bed and Breakfast Inn/Mini-Resort


Irene is the amazing force that makes Casa Mediodia

so special and makes sure your visit is a good one.

Irene is a born and bred New Englander.  Raised on “The Cape” in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  She knows the sea and loves to be near the water.  Her dream was to one day have a house overlooking the beach, but never imagined Mexico or the West.  She says that it just gets better and better here and in reality she is the reason that it is so.

  College educated in the field of Medical Technology, she has decided to retire as a director of a hospital medical laboratory to serving you in our home.  She is really the fixer upper and at one time actually restored a 200 year old “Cape Style” house in New Hampshire.  She has three Sons and three Grandsons.

  Her breakfasts can be memorable, entertaining, and different.  She says this is her new laboratory and has had great success with her new “experiments”.  So far our guests seem to agree.  Please visit our links to Facebook, Bed and Breakfast.com, AirBNB, Travelocity and FlipKey below and see what they have to say!


Bruce likes to do every thing and is always experimenting with different ideas.

Bruce was raised in Southern Arizona in a little border town called Nogales, Arizona.  He will talk your ear off if you want, or just listen.  He plays the flute, just for his own entertainment; sometimes its good and sometimes... Well, you know.  If you want to hear “The Story of the Whale” along with the American Indian Flute, just ask, he’s really not that bad.

  Bruce is a Military Trained Medical Technologist (Army) Graduate from the University of Arizona and is now a Computer consultant.  He is an avid University of Arizona sports fan and should the occasion arise, he will be happy to tell you all about it.  If you go hiking and want to do some free style rock climbing Bruce will lead you through the steps to get up and down safely.  If you want to find out about some bird, or animal in the area he will probably be able to go into great detail about it.  Bruce’s great love (aside from Irene) is the study of Arthropods and Insects in general.  Bruce loves to raise honey bees and even though we don’t have honey bee’s near the B&B house, you can bet they are somewhere providing fresh local honey.