Internet :  7am – 11am

Free:  email, Skype, Facebook  

NOTE- does not include streaming or video downloads

Internet:  anytime

 $5.00 per day

 NOTE- does not include video streaming (movies or any service requiring high band width

Meals and food preparation or beverages( Advance Notice Appreciated for Meals):

Lunch  / Almuerzo  (per request)

 $7.00 per person / children under 6 years $3.00

 Sandwich /wrap, chips, water (agua) or soda

Dinner / Cena  (per request / por particion)

$12.00 per person / children under 6 years $6.00

 * includes salad or large bowl guacamole, warm bread/ rolls or chips,  Dessert  (postre)  $3.00 per person

White or red wine (vino)

$5 and up per glass (vaso) or $10 and up per bottle

We have several wines from Mexico’s Wine Country, Guadalupe Valle

Beer (cerveza)

$3 per bottle / can

Soda/ Juice/ Sparkling Water

$1.00  per can /glass/bottle

Snacks   (freshly made):

Large bowl of Guacamole & Chips      


Small bowl of Guacamole & Chips


Pan of Giardelli Chocolate Brownies


 Cheese and Crackers

5.00 and Large 7.00

 Pot  of Coffee after 11:00 am

 $5.00  per 8 cup pot

Laundry/ Lavadero  (per request)

 $15.00 per load

Toiletries / articulos de aseo   

various minimal costs


Kitchen Rental (cocina)


Per meal/ por comida  

Dinnerware /platos and glassware/cristaleria


Includes dishwashing

Beach Supplies :

 Beach Shoes

$1.00 each

 Beach Shoes,  zapato de playa

Towels, Blankets

 $1.00  each

Beach Towels, Blankets/toallas, mantas -  Note: Room blankets and towels are not to be used for the beach.

Beach chairs, umbrella

 $1.00  each

Beach chairs, umbrella/silla de playa, sombra de playa

Boogie Boards

$2.00  each

Snorkel Equipment

$3.00  per set


Kayak, life vest, paddles,transport

25.00 per kayak

Surf Board

$10.00 per day

Off –Shore Fishing: poles/cana de pescar and equipment /aparejo    

$10.00 per pole per day

Note: Please make sure the equipment works to your satisfaction before taking out. - Also, $1 per lost lure.

 Fishing  Bait / cebar

$1.00 per bag


Mountain Bike /bicycle/helmet

$10.00 per day

          Pets are permitted.

A $150 pet security deposit will be charged at registration. If no damage or extensive cleaning are required, the fee will be returned with a $25 pet cleaning charge and service fees retained. Owners must provide either a crate or bed for their pets; or a portable bed will be provided to pet owners at a $5 rental fee. Please keep pets off of the furniture.

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